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Octagonal steel pipe

Author: Wuxi Xindi Special Pipe Co., Ltd    Time: 2020 / 1 / 1 16:36:46    Source: http://iranstorylogue.com

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Learn about the original Octagonal steel pipe Two key factors should be considered in cross-section design: one is the safety factor of cross-section; The other is the rationality of cross section. In order to ensure the safety of cross section, it is stipulated that the ratio of waist thickness to height width of H-channel steel should not be less than 1 / 45. For H-channel steel used as column, its rationality is expressed by the quality match between the two.

The basic theory of ductility can be used to measure the static data structure, such as warehouses, houses, roads and bridges, but it is not applicable to the prefabricated components of fitness, such as wheels. At this time, people usually choose the basic theory of plastic deformation. The scientific research on the basic theory of plastic deformation dates back to 1914. In 1975, the European Federation of design schemes formulated a design standard for plastic deformation, which is applicable to static load plan beams and frame shear walls subject to bending stress. Its provisions are as follows: for multi-storey buildings, more detailed calculation must be carried out.

Under the load condition, the plastic deformation design scheme is general It is to calculate the allowable stress according to the safety performance that the allowable stress is no less than the load multiplied by the allowable stress. Octagonal steel pipe Processing technology manufacturing, that is, the plate of thick steel plate is continuously immersed in the solution of zinc plating bath to make oval tube.

Fine grain strengthening Octagonal steel pipe It is produced by hot dip method, but it is heated up to 500 ℃ immediately after it is out of the tank, so that it can be converted into aluminum alloy plastic film of zinc and iron. This kind of hot-dip galvanizing has excellent adhesiveness and weldability of architectural coatings.

Octagonal steel pipe is a kind of steel pipe with high productivity and low application cost. It is a kind of octagonal steel pipe with high performance price ratio. When the actual operation of electric welding for octagonal steel pipe is carried out, what are the regulations on the application of processing technology? Our country's welded steel pipe network will come to talk about it, During the actual operation of electric welding of octagonal steel pipe, it is necessary to control not only the welding size but also the welding temperature. It is necessary to understand that the key of welding temperature is the harm of high-frequency vortex heat output power. When the heat input is not enough, there is no way for the heated welding edge to exceed the welding temperature, and the metal material mechanism will maintain solid, No melting. When the input heat is not enough, the heated welding edge will exceed the welding temperature, resulting in coarse grain or droplet.

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