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How to carry out heat treatment for profiled steel pipe

Author: Wuxi Xindi Special Pipe Co., Ltd    Time: 2021 / 3 / 23 14:34:28    Source:

How is that right Special shaped steel pipe Carry out heat treatment?

   Special shaped steel pipe In manufacturing and processing, technical requirements are particularly high, Special shaped steel pipe Under the action of heat, because the surface temperature is relatively high, the rate of collapse is faster, and the rate of solidification is also relatively fast. It is very easy to over tension in the whole process of solidification! In order to pursue perfect high-quality physical and physical properties, it is necessary to carry out heat treatment of profiled steel pipe.

The faster the cooling rate is, the higher the carbon content and aluminum alloy composition are, and the greater the asymmetric plastic deformation caused by internal stress during the whole refrigeration process, the greater the final internal stress. On the other hand, during the whole process of heat treatment of steel, due to the transformation of mechanism, that is, the change of martensite to austenite, the expansion of specific volume will increase with the expansion of product volume, and each position of product workpiece will change in turn, resulting in inconsistent volume growth, resulting in in in-situ stress of mechanism. The final result of the in-situ stress transformation of the mechanism is the tensile stress on the surface, and the in-situ stress on the center is just the reverse of the internal stress. The stress of the mechanism is related to the cooling rate, appearance and the composition of raw materials.

The heat treatment technicality of the special-shaped steel pipe is related to the hard solid level of the special-shaped steel pipe, and the extreme volume is related to this technical property.

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