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Application of special shaped pipe in production

Author: Wuxi Xindi Special Pipe Co., Ltd    Time: 2021 / 4 / 1 13:55:31    Source:

   Special pipe It refers to the low alloy structural steel with protective rust layer and atmospheric corrosion resistance, which can be used to manufacture steel structures such as vehicles, bridges, towers, containers, etc. Compared with ordinary carbon steel, Special pipe It has better corrosion resistance in the atmosphere.

There are only trace alloying elements. Special pipe It is economic section steel pipe. The special-shaped pipes include non-circular cross-section, equal wall thickness, variable diameter and wall thickness along the length direction, symmetrical and asymmetric cross-section, etc.

It is widely used in aviation, automobile, shipbuilding, mining machinery, agricultural machinery, construction, textile and boiler manufacturing. During smelting, scrap steel is added into the furnace along with the charge and smelted according to the conventional process. After tapping, Deoxidizer and alloy are added. After argon blowing treatment, the molten steel is cast immediately. The molten steel after argon blowing and temperature regulation is cast into slab by continuous casting machine. Due to the addition of rare earth elements into the steel, the special-shaped pipe is purified and the impurity content is greatly reduced.

The requirements of energy-saving of special-shaped pipe and the call of society to restore the natural environment are also higher and higher. In order to meet these requirements New stainless steel special-shaped pipe will be developed, new smelting process and new equipment will appear accordingly. At the same time, the mechanization and automation of foundry production will be more flexible, so as to expand the adaptability to different batch and multi variety production. New technologies for saving energy and raw materials will be given priority development, and new processes and equipment that produce less or no pollution will be given priority.

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