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What are the characteristics of the wide application of profiled steel pipe

Author: Wuxi Xindi Special Pipe Co., Ltd    Time: 2021 / 4 / 10 14:08:22    Source: http://iranstorylogue.com

   Special shaped steel pipe Channel steel is one of the four types of stainless steel plate. Channel steel is one of the four types of stainless steel plate (shape, line, plate, pipe), which is a kind of widely used stainless steel plate. According to the cross-section appearance, the channel steel is divided into simple cross-section channel steel and complex or special-shaped cross-section channel steel (special-shaped steel). Among them Special shaped steel pipe Is one of the key applications.

   Special shaped steel pipe In addition to the round steel pipe, part of it is not immediately. According to the whole process of cold drawing for a period of time, the production and processing of stainless steel pipe, triangle pipe, star anise, pipe, round steel pipe, toast and other types of unique pipeline, pitch pipe, it is abnormal that it will meet the standard in many times. Nowadays, most of the cold drawn steel pipe is applied with mechanical equipment, Decorative design is also very effective.

Induction hardening of special-shaped steel pipe -- a heat treatment process that only changes the surface mechanism and does not change the surface composition. It can be done by high frequency, high frequency or direct current electromagnetic induction heating method or by flame heating method. The same characteristic is to try every means to make the surface layer of stainless steel plate quickly heated to the heat treatment temperature. When the calorific value is not transferred to the core of the parts, then it is cooled rapidly, so that the surface strength is high, but the core still has high wear resistance. Heat treatment process is an extremely reasonable countermeasure to improve and improve the properties of the steel. It has a key effect on the stability and rationality of the product.

The heat treatment process of special-shaped steel pipe is general It includes general heat treatment process (quenching, quenching, heat treatment, quenching) and surface heat treatment process (induction quenching and organic chemical heat treatment process nitriding, nitriding, metallizing materials, etc.).

Part of the special-shaped steel pipe will become a different type of pipe according to the whole process of cold drawing. The pipe solution is the most common cold drawn and non-standard special-shaped steel square square tube, stainless steel round pipe, octagonal tube, toast bread. These special-shaped pipes are produced and processed into specifications after the whole process of cold drawing, If the diameter error can occur when the raw material is selected, the unique pipe diameter will also have the error or R angle error. However, as for the technical standards in these two categories, it is not easy to affect its application if it does not exceed the specification.

So It is widely used in Airlines, vehicles, shipbuilding, mining equipment, agricultural machinery, engineering construction, textile industry and boiler manufacturers. Cold drawing, arc welding, extrusion forming and hot rolling are the ways to produce special-shaped steel pipes, among which the cold drawing method has been widely used.

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