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Manufacturing characteristics of profiled steel pipe

Author: Wuxi Xindi Special Pipe Co., Ltd    Time: 2021 / 4 / 20 10:58:59    Source:

master Special shaped steel pipe Production and manufacturing characteristics of

   Special shaped steel pipe It is a kind of seamless steel pipe, that is, it is classified according to the different production process, which is different from hot rolling (expanding) pipe. In the whole process of tube expanding, it is made by cold drawing for many times It was carried out on 0.5-100t polypeptide chain or double chain cold drawing machine.

   Special shaped steel pipe In addition to general seamless steel pipe, low and high pressure heating furnace seamless steel pipe, boiler seamless steel pipe, alloy pipe, stainless steel pipe, low and medium pressure boiler pipe, machining and manufacturing pipe, thick wall pipe, caliber and core die cold drawn steel pipe and other seamless steel pipe, it also includes carbon thick wall seamless steel pipe, aluminum alloy thick wall seamless steel pipe, stainless steel thick wall seamless steel pipe and special-shaped steel pipe.

The diameter of special-shaped steel pipe can be up to 6 mm, the thickness can be reduced to 0.25 mm, the diameter of thick wall pipe can be up to 5 mm, the wall thickness is less than 0.25 mm, the precision and surface quality are high, but the specification and length are limited by the processing technology.

1. High efficiency of production and manufacturing: it takes 154 hours to produce a cylinder liner with an inner diameter of 420mm and a length of 12m in the traditional way, and it only takes four minutes to produce it by cold drawing.

2. High compliance rate: because the rolling head of milling also plays a guiding role, in the whole process of drilling, the deflection value of the blank tube is caused by its own weight, which leads to the deviation of the rolling head and boring cutter, resulting in waste materials. The rate of reaching the standard is only up to 60%, while it can reach 95% by cold drawing.

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