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Analysis of the whole production process of profiled steel pipe

Author: Wuxi Xindi Special Pipe Co., Ltd    Time: 2021 / 4 / 27 15:07:53    Source:

   Special shaped steel pipe Analysis of the whole process of manufacturing

   Special shaped steel pipe The raw material of seamless steel tube blank is seamless steel tube blank. The tube material is processed by automatic cutting machine, and then heated in the furnace. The temperature is about 1200 ℃ (it must be noted that the temperature control in the furnace is a more important problem). After the round pipe material is laid out, it needs to go through the working pressure cutting machine to carry out hole breaking. Generally speaking, the cutting machine is the cone roller cutting machine, This kind of cutting machine has the advantages of high production efficiency, high product quality, large hole enlargement, and can pass through various steel grades. After the hole is broken, the round pipe is successively formed by three roll cross rolling, rolling mill or extrusion. After extrusion forming, the pipe is removed for sizing. The die machine runs into the slab to open holes according to the cone twist drill at high speed, thus producing seamless steel pipe

In general, the seamless pipe in 450 to 650 ℃ temperature will occur very large deformation, and then cause Steel beam, steel column bending and loss of bearing capacity, if no fire safety measures to reduce temperature, the fire resistance rating of seamless pipe is 15 minutes, so general Need to do a good job in fire safety and temperature reduction countermeasures, seamless pipe factory on the next to everyone on the detailed introduction of a number of ways

   Special shaped steel pipe There are three kinds of fire safety cooling methods

1. Water injection: the water flushing inside the hollow seamless pipe is a reasonable countermeasure for fire safety and temperature reduction. The water can digest and absorb the heat in the seamless pipe vehicle, and cold water can be introduced into the pipeline to maintain the seamless steel pipe at a lower temperature

2. External insulation layer: add a layer of external insulation layer to the seamless pipe, which can be spray painted or poured into shape, so as to prevent fire and reduce temperature

3. Shield off. It is a very economic way to put the seamless pipe in the wall or ceiling composed of fire-resistant and thermal insulation materials to achieve the actual effect of fire safety

At present, seamless pipe raw materials are used in many multi-storey buildings. If there is a fire accident, it is difficult to eliminate it in a short time. Therefore, in the case of building planning and design, we should do a good job in fire safety and temperature reduction countermeasures

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