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Main product characteristics of Wuxi special shaped pipe

Author: Wuxi Xindi Special Pipe Co., Ltd    Time: 2021 / 5 / 10 15:43:49    Source:

Wuxi special-shaped pipe is one of the high-end seamless pipe products. It has the characteristics of high precision and high surface smoothness, especially the seamless pipe for hydraulic cylinder is higher than other kinds of quality regulations.

There are very few manufacturers of special-shaped pipe as fine extrusion press in Wuxi, China. Most of them choose two roll cold rolling billet and three high cold rolling finishing process. According to the current standard of machine and equipment, the pipe material of cold drawn steel pipe in steel pipe plant is shown to find a more effective production process.

As the finishing rolling tube material, the product can produce high quality seamless pipe.

Characteristics of Wuxi special shaped pipe

1. Wuxi special-shaped pipe has high precision, and the product precision is controlled in ± 0.05mm。 The inner and outer walls are smooth and there is no air oxidation layer on the surface.

2. Wuxi special-shaped pipe has high-quality comprehensive performance, can bear high pressure, cold drawing, swelling, extrusion, no crack, no wrinkle, can carry out a variety of complex deformation and mechanical processing manufacturing.

3. The application and promotion of the seamless pipe not only saves stainless steel plate, but also improves the production and processing efficiency, reduces the production and processing process and investment in machinery and equipment projects, saves the cost, saves the working time of equipment, and improves the production efficiency It improves the quality of products and reduces the cost.

In order to better ensure the alloy pipe has stronger performance, it is necessary to carry out surface treatment at this time. Whether it is hot-dip galvanizing, electrostatic spraying or spraying, it is all stronger to improve the corrosion resistance of alloy steel pipe. Therefore, how to select aluminum alloy steel pipe manufacturers is a key step, so how to select aluminum alloy steel pipe manufacturers is very important.

Select a dealer with stronger overall strength and stronger user evaluation, which can bring customers' assistance in the end In order to better and stronger meet the specific production and manufacturing application requirements of daily life, we must carry out a stronger grasp. If you want to show the actual effect in general, you can start from a more technical and professional perspective, no doubt you can get it Quality assurance will also be better.

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