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Hexagonal steel pipe

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   Hexagonal steel pipe Manufacturers apply production processing

   Hexagonal steel pipe The manufacturer's cable system software is the key component of cable-stayed bridge cable system software solution, which (15.24 Hexagonal steel pipe )In line with the development trend of cable system software, hexagonal steel pipe manufacturers use four layer anti-corrosion system software for manufacturing raw materials, which has the characteristics of long service life and convenient maintenance. Both sides of the cable system software of hexagonal steel pipe manufacturer are clamped with built-in prestressed anchorage, On the surface of the cable, there is a technical professional outer sheath with anti wind and rain excitation.

In engineering construction, the stay cable is fan-shaped, single row and double cable planes are placed in the center. The upper reinforcement of the stay cable is anchored in the tower column, and the lower reinforcement is anchored on the steel truss beam. The application of hexagonal steel pipe in several parts of the whole bridge has produced a great sense of belonging to the building and avoids the security problems in the application. The hexagonal steel pipe manufacturer can ensure the single stay cable and single support force of the cable, and the cable connection section has reliable moisture-proof sealing mode, which shows long-term corrosion protection and maintenance for the cable. In the whole process of construction and operation of fine sand steel, the whole process is carried out and replaced by a single cable. The software solution of unbonded hexagonal steel pipe system can It is easy to show satisfactory additional vibration reduction for stay cables by showing embedded and external vibration reduction. Under the influence of geographical environment, the overall effect of cable grade steel is ensured. This method has a significant effect on the cable bridge which is located in the poverty-stricken areas of the plateau area and encounters the chaotic climate and natural environment. The software of the cable unbonded hexagonal steel pipe selection system for cable-stayed bridge is a parallel plane cable unbonded hexagonal steel pipe system software. The software of the cable system conforms to the national standard and the specification for in-situ stress of stay cables.

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