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Hexagonal steel pipe

Author: Wuxi Xindi Special Pipe Co., Ltd    Time: 10:39:11, June 3, 2020    Source: http://iranstorylogue.com

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   Hexagonal steel pipe How about the service life

   Hexagonal steel pipe It refers to the low alloy tool steel which has the ability to maintain rust layer and resist air erosion, and can be used to manufacture steel frame structures such as vehicles, highway bridges, towers, shipping containers, etc. Compared with ordinary carbon steel, Hexagonal steel pipe Better corrosion resistance in air. Compared with stainless steel plate, profiled steel has only a small amount of aluminum alloy element, and hexagonal steel pipe is generally processed by fine material feeding into furnace smelting plant (steelmaking furnace, heating furnace - fine grain strengthening solution - argon blowing - LF refining - low hydrogen pressure rolling (feeding rare earth wire) - controlled rolling and controlled cooling. Profiled steel is a cross-section seamless steel pipe for economic development. The hexagonal steel tube includes non-circular cross-section, equal wall thickness, variable wall thickness, variable diameter and wall thickness along the long and short directions, symmetry and different cross-section surfaces, etc. It is widely used in Airlines, cars, shipbuilding, mining equipment, agricultural machinery, engineering construction, textile industry and boiler manufacturing. In the smelter, the scrap steel is added into the furnace along with the recycled waste. According to the basic processing technology, Deoxidizer and aluminum alloy are added after tapping. After argon blowing, the molten steel is cast, and the billet is made by continuous casting. Due to the addition of rare elements in the steel, the hexagonal steel pipe is cleaned and the composition of reference materials is greatly reduced.

The requirements of environmental protection and energy saving of stainless steel hexagonal steel pipe and the appeal of social development to the restoration of geographical environment are becoming higher and higher. In order to integrate this regulation, new stainless steel plate special-shaped steel will be developed and designed, and new technology, new process and new machinery and equipment will appear relatively in smelter. In addition to the continuous improvement of mechanical automation technology level in forging production, a large number of intelligent production level development trend will be expanded to adapt to different mass and multi type production. The application of new technologies to save resources and raw materials may be greatly developed, and new technologies, new processes and new machines and equipment that cause less or no environmental pollution will become important first. Equipment and machinery for special forging as well as a lot of transport and raw material handling machinery and equipment. The production and manufacture of special-shaped steel of forged stainless steel plate has the characteristics different from other processing technologies, such as wide adaptability, using more raw materials and machinery, and environmental pollution.

Hexagonal steel pipe is a kind of pipe fitting with unique appearance. It has a long service life and is widely used. At this stage, the key sales market situation is very good, and the recent price has a little fluctuation, the rebound of stainless steel plate has also produced very good profits for some companies. In China's hexagonal steel pipe manufacturing industry, the technical level is now gradually sound, and various manufacturers are paying more and more attention to the introduction of talents and the development of science and technology, so the product cost is reduced and the profit will be more. In today's situation of overproduction, professionals are widely worried that once there is a large profit indoor space, the steel plant's return to work and high-yield passion will make the supply work pressure of Houshi surge. As a matter of fact, the symptoms of steel-making plant returning to work and high-yield have just begun to appear.

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