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Triangular steel pipe

Author: Wuxi Xindi Special Pipe Co., Ltd    Time: 2019 / 7 / 26 9:42:53    Source:

Now, Triangular steel pipe Has become a family, equipment in a very common pipe, then, in welding Triangular steel pipe Before that, what should I pay attention to? Here are six points. I hope you can read it carefully.

(1) check whether the water, electricity and gas are connected, and all of them are well connected according to the requirements, and can not be loosened. Water, electricity and gas are all Triangular steel pipe The risk factors in the welding process must be checked before welding.

(2) use relevant tools to clean the surface of base metal, that is, to thoroughly remove water, oil, oxide and other impurities on the base metal surface with a brush or sandpaper to ensure the welding quality.

(3) pay attention to the cleaning of triangle steel pipe welding workplace, no inflammable and explosive materials, and take wind shelter measures.

(4) carefully check whether the wiring of the welding machine meets the requirements. The wire quality problem is a factor that easily causes accidents, so we must not take it lightly.

(5) it is necessary to inspect the base metal of triangle steel pipe before welding because it is directly related to the welding effect.

(6) chemical cleaning method shall be adopted for important welding structures. Water, oil, high melting point oxide film, oxide and other pollutants on the surface can be simply cleaned by acetone or caustic soda sulfuric acid.

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