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When is it better to clean profiled steel pipe

Author: Wuxi Xindi Special Pipe Co., Ltd    Time: 2021 / 3 / 23 14:37:00    Source: http://iranstorylogue.com

   Special shaped steel pipe When is the best time to clean?

   Special shaped steel pipe In the application and maintenance work is also necessary to clean, clean Special shaped steel pipe It can promote the special-shaped steel pipe to be clean and clean, and play a key role in the application. The special-shaped steel pipe is made in the natural environment with low temperature, which has the key characteristics and advantages. The cleaning of the special-shaped steel pipe needs to carry out the technical and lubricating fluid cleaning of the special-shaped steel pipe. What is the actual way and type of lubricant used?

When is it better to clean profiled steel pipe?

The common lubricating fluid for cleaning special-shaped steel pipe is soap liquid or edible oil. The actual method and method are as follows:

Before cleaning the special-shaped steel pipe, it is necessary to completely remove the burr at the pipe end, and then use a hard pipe nozzle to send two clean bullets for cleaning. If there are air pollutants such as hydraulic oil or vegetable oil in the pipe, the hard tube projectile should be used to break the air pollutants, which can more reasonably remove such air pollutants. If there is rust in the pipe, weld bead, etc., it should be broken with friction projectile wheel, remove this kind of air pollutant first. Friction projectiles can be used several times until it is determined that this air pollutant has been removed. Whether it is the application of hard tube cartridge to remove air pollutants from raw oil, or the application of friction cartridge to remove rust or solder joint, it is necessary to use clean shot wheel for final cleaning to ensure that Ideal cleanliness of pipes. If the general process of special-shaped steel pipe is to be cleaned, it is suggested to clean the special-shaped steel pipe before the assembly process. After the assembly is the total process, only clean the bullet wheel, and be sure to pay attention to the connection between the special-shaped steel pipe and the connector, and there is no ladder. Plastic hose nozzle can also be used to clean the special-shaped steel pipe, but the two ends should be carried out separately to ensure that Cleaning that is partially blocked by the nozzle. Special shaped steel pipe end inverted 1 × 45。 The angle can greatly increase the service life of plastic hose nozzle.

The special-shaped steel pipe is used in all kinds of working pressure and temperature In the future, the special-shaped steel pipe will show more important effect in the future!

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