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Heat treatment of main products of profiled steel pipe

Author: Wuxi Xindi Special Pipe Co., Ltd    Time: 2021 / 4 / 27 15:18:29    Source: http://iranstorylogue.com

stay Special shaped steel pipe In the field of manufacturing, the pressure of market demand is very big. Because after a period of time, there will be new ones Special shaped steel pipe appear. And some like that Special shaped steel pipe They all have the characteristics of higher quality. There are many kinds of special-shaped steel pipe, to solve that kind of market demand, have been robbed, a large market share. But there is a special-shaped steel pipe, the time, has been many years. However, in many manufacturing areas, the demand for this kind of seamless pipe is still very large, in other words, special-shaped steel pipe. Why would this kind of manufacturing field choose special-shaped steel pipe? In other words, because of the special-shaped steel pipe, the cold deformation has been improved, which promotes the seamless pipe, which can be melted into a more complex development trend. Because of the strengthening of cold deformation, it has a very important practical significance in the actual production and manufacturing. Because not all raw materials can be heat treated.

Moreover, the metal composite materials of the special-shaped steel pipe itself are very uniform. This promotes the special-shaped steel pipe, which can bear all kinds of complex after production manufacturing. Because metal composite materials are all over the pipe, this allows the pipe to perform some secondary operation at that time. Part of the deformation of the pipeline will lead to hardening. This time, the deformation of the pipeline will develop again towards the part that has not been deformed, or the shape independent variable is too small. In other words, it can prevent some cracks or cracks in the whole process of production and manufacturing. And all the production and manufacturing areas, it is no doubt that it is not easy to purchase seamless pipe, immediately delivery. If in the whole process of production and manufacturing, there are some bad changes in the pipeline, leading to the reduction of characteristics. There is no doubt that such pipelines can not meet the requirements of this kind of manufacturing field.

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