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Production process of Wuxi special shaped pipe

Author: Wuxi Xindi Special Pipe Co., Ltd    Time: 2021 / 5 / 10 15:51:01    Source:

The general production process of Wuxi special-shaped pipe can It is divided into cold drawing and hot rolling. The production process of Wuxi special-shaped pipe is generally more complicated than that of hot rolling. The three high rolling mill is the first to be used for pipe material, and the die detection is required after extrusion forming. If the surface initialization fails, the round steel pipe will undergo laser cutting by the cutter to cut the blank material about one meter short.

Then it goes to the quenching step, and the acid-base liquid is used for pickling and passivation. During pickling and passivation, it is necessary to pay attention to whether there are many blisters on the surface. If there are many bubbles, it indicates that the quality of seamless steel pipe can not meet the corresponding specifications.

The shape of Wuxi special-shaped pipe is shorter than that of hot-rolled seamless pipe. The thickness of Wuxi special-shaped pipe is generally smaller than that of hot-rolled seamless pipe. However, the surface layer looks brighter than that of thick wall seamless pipe. There is no too much unsmooth surface layer and too many rough edges in specifications.

The deformation of Wuxi special-shaped pipe is often caused by the thin pipe fitting, which is caused by extrusion molding after loading. In addition, the shaking of Wuxi special-shaped pipe in the whole transportation process will cause secondary damage to the pipe, resulting in the extrusion of the pipe.

It is not difficult to see that, in addition to the damage caused by human factors, most of the special-shaped pipes in Wuxi were caused by the improper distribution of thin and thick loading sequence, as well as the transportation difficulties. Sometimes, it was caused by the driver's bandage mediation and rope binding.

If we want to control the similar problems, we should learn how to load the Wuxi special-shaped pipe. Under all normal conditions, we should first put the specifications and models with thick wall thickness first at the bottom, and cushion the material block below to avoid In the middle of transportation, the concentricity of metal materials is decreased due to the collision between metal materials and metal materials.

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