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Influence on application performance of profiled steel pipe and crack of product workpiece

Author: Wuxi Xindi Special Pipe Co., Ltd    Time: 2021 / 5 / 19 9:42:39    Source:

influence Special shaped steel pipe The application performance and workpiece cracking of products

Quenching in heating furnace Special shaped steel pipe Heating to a certain temperature (General Under the change of temperature or work hardening temperature), heat insulation for a period of time, and then slow cooling to remove all kinds of Special shaped steel pipe Thermal stress annealing process.

In most cases, after the whole process of production process is completed, a part of internal stress of metal materials will be preserved. Internal stress can cause cracking, deformation or specification change of special-shaped steel pipe products. Internal stress can also enhance the organic chemical specificity of metal materials, especially under the effect of residual tensile stress, it is very easy to cause stress corrosion cracking. Therefore, the internal stress will affect the application performance of the special-shaped steel pipe or cause the workpiece to be invalid too early.

When the special-shaped steel pipe is quenched by in-situ stress relief, the residual stress can be relaxed according to the plastic deformation of the internal part (when the local stress exceeds the yield strength of the raw material at this temperature) or the whole relaxation time (when the local stress is lower than the yield strength of the raw material at this temperature), the residual stress can be relaxed and removed. In the process of in-situ stress quenching, the workpiece is generally slowly heated to a lower temperature (500-550 ℃ for gray cast iron, 500-650 ℃ for special-shaped steel pipe, and work hardening gradually below the temperature for rare metal aluminum alloy metal stamping parts). After maintaining for a period of time, slow cooling is required to avoid new internal stress.

In situ stress quenching can not completely remove the internal stress of the special-shaped steel pipe, but only most of the internal stress can be removed. In order to solve the internal stress thoroughly, it is necessary to heat the special-shaped steel pipe to a higher temperature. Under this kind of standard, it is likely to produce other structure transformation, which will seriously damage the application performance of profiled steel pipe.

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