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What are the five production methods of profiled pipe

Author: Wuxi Xindi Special Pipe Co., Ltd    Time: 2020 / 11 / 6 9:06:51    Source: http://iranstorylogue.com

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   Special pipe There are five modes of production:

(1) electrothermal method

Because the recovery capacity of carbon increases with the increase of temperature, so many of them are in good condition The refractory metal oxides and rare earth oxides can be recovered in the recovery furnace. In the recovery furnace, the iron ore is recovered to produce non-ferrous metals with the electromagnetic energy as the pyrogen and carbon as the oxidant. The defect of this method is that many metal materials are easy to form cementite with carbon, so the aluminum alloy produced with carbon as oxidant has high carbon content. In order to obtain low carbon and environmental protection aluminum alloy Special pipe Carbon can not be used as oxidant, but only aluminum alloy with low carbon and environmental protection can be used as oxidant.

(2) thermal method of metal materials

This method uses Special pipe Oxidation reaction caused by organic chemical heating of aluminum alloy with coal ash makes the reaction fully automatic. The common oxidants used in this method are aluminum, ferrosilicon, titanium magnesium aluminum alloy and so on. The carbon content of nonferrous metal or pure metal material obtained by this method is very low. At present, ferrotitanium, ferromolybdenum, ferroboron, ferroniobium, ferrotungsten, ferrovanadium and chromium are produced in this way.

(3) blast furnace process

The high temperature and oxidizing atmosphere of special-shaped tube ironmaking blast furnace is used to recover aluminum alloy iron ore into non-ferrous metal. It is of high productivity and low cost to smelt nonferrous metals with blast furnace. However, due to the existence of air oxidation zone in blast furnace, metal oxides with high melting point or difficult to recover can not be recovered Some other nonferrous metals cannot be used in blast furnace smelters.

(4) steelmaking furnace method

In this method, the liquid high carbon steel aluminum alloy is mixed into the steel-making furnace, and oxygen carburizing is carried out to obtain low-carbon environmental protection aluminum alloy.

(5) electro silicothermal method

This method is to recover iron ore, metal oxide or coal ash with silicon in heating furnace, and produce nonferrous metals with lime powder as solution The carbon content of the special-shaped tube is low. In this way, the carbon content of finished products depends on the carbon content of raw materials. In the production of nonferrous metals by electricity silicothermic process, the electric grade will make aluminum alloy carburized. Therefore, the heating furnace can not be used to produce metal materials with very low carbon content or pure carbon content. The nonferrous metals with high melting point which can not be discharged from the furnace can not be produced by heating furnace, but only by thermal method of metal materials.

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