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What are the quality tips for special-shaped pipes

Author: Wuxi Xindi Special Pipe Co., Ltd    Time: 15:00:58, November 21, 2020    Source: http://iranstorylogue.com

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increase Special pipe Six preventive measures of quality

As consumers have higher and higher requirements on the quality of pipe production and processing, we should pay attention to the following six preventive measures in the production process:

(1) for Special pipe The necessary concentrator can reduce the reduction of seamless pipe a lot, and can further improve its quality according to cold rolling;

(2) in production and processing Special pipe At that time, it is necessary to grasp the temperature, so as to ensure the operation process of positive pressure, and to prevent the surface of the pipe from being damaged;

(3) inspection should be carried out after the production and processing of special-shaped pipes. If there is no detection, then we can not identify some quality difficulties, so the detection is as far as possible;

(4) according to the composition and organization of stainless steel plate, some unnecessary dirt should be reduced according to certain standards. In addition, some harmful components can be eliminated;

(5) it is necessary to select appropriate hot-rolled strip and some uniform welding bolt system, so that the surface layer of special-shaped pipe can be smoother, and its quality can be greatly improved, and it is not easy to crack;

(6) in the production and processing of special-shaped pipes, it is convenient to improve the work efficiency and save some steps that have not been done. In fact, that's not a real promotion Work efficiency, only in the damage to the quality of seamless pipe, and chain reaction will lead to quality reduction, so we must pay attention in the production process.

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